Are you considering renting, buying or selling a berth?
We have many places that we can offer you for sale or rent.
We can also arrange the sale of your berth.

New Boats

The Winner agency can support you in your plans to buy a new boat. We represent many brands
We have worked with the Couach shipyard for new boats for the past 30 years.

Used Boats

Most of the boats we offer for sale are select boats that have already been sold and serviced by us.

Is the number of hours important ?

You have to be aware of is all manufactures services been carried out by recognised company representatives and is all the documentation (including invoices) available.
Better a boat with an engine that has been running a lot but correctly serviced than an engine with few hours but without maintenance

Buying or celling from a professional or an individual ?

A boat sold by a professional is generally ready to navigate
The professional can also offer financing arrangements and we can also help for administrative procedures.
The professional is also responsive for the sale of the boat.